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Courtesy of the American Economic Association

Undergraduate Programs

The UH-Manoa Economics Department strives to offer the best Economics education possible. We offer the following degree programs:

In addition, we offer numerous elective courses at all levels for students who just want to explore a bit which span a broad cross-section of the discipline.

The UH-Manoa Economics Department excels in numerous fields including Environmental, Resources, Labor, Health, Development, Economic History, Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Theory, and International Economics. Our faculty publish in and edit leading journals. They also offer their expertise as consultants to governments around the world as well as to the private sector and international organizations such as the United Nations and the World Bank. Much of the research that we conduct has been internationally recognized and is frequently cited in the media.

Upon graduation, our students have many attractive options. Some work in the private sector in areas such as insurance or finance. Others pursue civil service and work for the state or the federal government. In addition, other students have gone on to do postgraduate work in professional schools such as medicine, law, public policy, or business, while others have taken a more academic route to obtain the PhD in Economics or allied fields. Some students have matriculated in PhD programs at Cal Tech, UC-Berkeley and Oregon.

Interested in becoming a major or a minor? We recommend that you download and read our Guide to the Undergraduate Program and then make an appointment to see the Undergraduate Advisor.

BA Program Student Learning Objectives

  1. Economic Literacy - be able to explain clearly core economic terms, concepts, and theories.
  2. Critical Thinking - demonstrate the ability to apply economic reasoning to contemporary social issues and policy problems.
  3. Quantitative Reasoning - apply appropriate quantitative and statistical techniques to economic analysis. Conduct economic analysis using equations and graphs.
  4. Reporting - develop expertise needed to communicate effectively the results of economic research and analysis to colleagues and decision-makers through written reports and oral presentations.

Economics Honors Track

The purpose of the Economics Honors Track is to serve our majors by facilitating and encouraging their participation in the University's Honors Program.

The Economics Honors Track provides our most highly motivated majors the chance to conduct advanced study and research in close contact with a faculty mentor from the department.

All relevant details about Economics admission, course load, graduation and evaluation can be found at

Declare Economics as a Major or Minor

Please follow our guide to declare economics as your Major or Minor, as well as use the following forms to aid you.

Please schedule an appointment with a department advisor by emailing or call 1-808-956-8496.