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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Directed Undergraduate Research (ECON 499) with UH-Manoa Economics Faculty

Are you interested in working with a faculty member on a research project for course credit? Several department faculty would like to have undergraduate students participate in their research projects. Students receive up to three credits in ECON 499 (Directed Research) for their involvement in the project and are not paid. To participate in a project, you must have a 3.0 GPA and be either an economics major or minor in good standing. Credits from ECON 499 satisfy elective requirements for majors and minors in economics.

Please contact relevant faculty prior to the start of the semester for which you would like credit. The professor will provide you with information on potential projects, your responsibilities in the project, and requirements for course credit. ECON 499 is a variable credit course (1-3 credits) and is graded A-F. Some research projects may have minimum qualifications that exceed the minimum qualifications listed above. Please remember that a professor has no obligation to accept a student to participate in a research project.

Undergraduate Research Awards from UH

The University Research Council provides a number of research-related awards for undergraduate students.